Saturday, August 25, 2007

Subdividing the space

August 26, 2007
I guess from here on out, things start to get smaller on the inside. The photos show a few walls have been framed on the interior. Our builder has laid out the plates on the floor (see the second image below) for many of the remaining walls. To either side of the center of the space will be a hallway which allows circulation at the perimeter of the more inwardly focused spaces of the mudroom/laundry, bathroom and study area. This hallway works to increase the perception of space on the interior, essentially it inverts the typical double-loaded corridor you see in tract housing. Double loaded corridors load rooms to either side of a center hallway.

Bedrooms at far end

Kitchen will be in foreground

Current Partial Floor Plan (eastern half)

We've made some minor changes in our plans for the kitchen. We were determined to make the refrigerator feel more customized and built-in so we added two walls to enclose it and will use a flush panel mdf door on concealed hinges above it to complete the wall. This creates a nice asymmetry to the kitchen and will weight the cooking space differently than the clean up sapce behind it which helps in a small kitchen. We're also making use of IKEA's Grundtal wall shelving in many places, including for dish storage above the cooking wall.

Grundtal Wall Shelving $19.99

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