Friday, August 17, 2007


August 18, 2007

While I really miss the view to the forest that I've carved out of our four acres, I don't miss the trips to the land seeing nothing but a foundation. We have walls, we have floor decking, soon we'll have roof trusses and while everything isn't the housewrap...I'm pleased to be able to walk into our home and in my mind's eye pace through the spaces.

Ready for the roof trusses

Sig, plugged in...

We ordered all of our flooring this week, save for the recessed cocoa matting at the mudroom and entry areas this week. Lead time on both the stone tile and wood floor is about a month. That should give us some time to shop for a tile saw...

Bateig Azul Limestone - 16"x16" honed, (cut to 8"x16")

Teak Stained Taun - prefinished

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