Friday, August 3, 2007

Ready, set, frame.

Looking East - Master in foreground
Looking West - boys' bedrooms foreground

Progress since last post...
-All slabs poured and foundation backfilled
-Water line routed to basement
-Sewer line connected to tank
-Rough grading complete

-The Bilco outside hatchway access seems to be too high to fit the stairs with proper headroom to get into the basement. Hoping they'll sawcut it down by 1' or so to make access less painful.
-The basement slab needs some grinding where they were careless with overspray. Three pours means there's lots of opportunity for this sort of thing to happen.
-Minor crack in the basement slab needs a patch and an additional control joint to be sawcut.

Overall, things look smart. The grading is quite close to how I imagined it, barely any foundation showing. They promise framing this week, but I have my doubts.

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Paul in Tokyo said...

Wow. Eric, I had not stopped by this blog for a while. Amazing progress. It must be so overwhelming to be so invested (in all senses) into such a project which will yield the home you raise your family in. How much fun it will be took all look back at the in-progress photos with the boys when they get older? Please keep updating this blog. We will continue to enjoy the evolution of this Longhouse.