Sunday, August 19, 2007

40 Trusses

August 19, 2007
Roof trusses and recessed lights don't work well together. I diagrammed the truss layout for our builder to be sure the two coordinated. If a truss chord aligns with a location where you planned on using a recessed light you can be sure the electrician will find a spot to install it that aligns with absolutely nothing. The trusses arrived configured slightly differently than we planned so a slight adjustment in the soffit overhang will be necessary, a change for the better in my opinion. The top chord of the trusses was supposed to be left 'wild' so our builder could field cut the tail to the length we specified in the detail. They negelected to leave the tail 'wild' which means we'll need to tack on a longer tail. The other addition will be a freize board with a rabbet in it to receive the top 'ragged' edge of the Hardiplank siding. When you cut Hardiplank it tends to leave a fairly rough edge, the trim will hide this and ensure water infiltration won't be an issue.

Next steps: interior framing, electrical, heating & plumbing rough-in, then Laura & I will begin insulating. We couldn't afford sprayed-foam insulation so we're going with faced batts in the walls (R-21) and unfaced in the ceiling with a poly vapor barrier (R-38). The windows are due in this week, the galvalume roofing the first week of September.

Living area scissor trusses

Sig double checking the plans
East End

North Flank - from the septic field

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