Saturday, September 8, 2007

Viking work

Who better than a Viking to endorse your staples?

September 8, 2007
This guy shows up at our place, dons a tyvek suit and 20 minutes later, rim joists foamed. Honestly I had higher expectations of the DIY kit I bought from Tiger Foam . The real purpose of foaming the perimeter of the building at the rim joist level is to short circuit convective air flow near the radiant heat tubing. This provides a vapor barrier and seals all of the imperfections at the sill plate, as a bonus it gives us about an R-7 at the perimeter. We'll still add a little fiberglass to bump it up to the code required R-11. This kit gave us exactly 200 board feet (1" thick, 12" wide, 200' long) but the expansion was quite a bit less than I expected. I could've used about 25% more to really seal all of the sills to the foundation wall top. The installation though was a cinch and I didn't have to wait 3 months for a subcontractor to show and gum up my entire basement. I highly recommend the respirator and leaving to let it off-gas unattended. this...

I finished the layout for all of our receptacles and light fixtures today as well. Our electrician has begun the wiring and our radiant tubing has arrived as well. Good weather this week will allow us install the metal roof and the windows.

Progress is happiness

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