Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Farm Tek

Repurposing unusual fixtures and materials is a sort of an obsession of mine. I'm not sure these have a place in the Longhouse...but I'm always archiving for future projects. Farm Tek has a deep catalog, lots of potential here...

Brooder lamp holder, $6.95 : Galvanized float bowl, $26.95 : 2" Nylon pulley, $0.95
Quilted insulation curtain (36" wide), $7.23/ft : Galv. tube door frame, $119 : 304 Stainless steel plate molding, 2"x8' (18ga), $10
Plenty of progress to report, more photos soon. All of our windows are in, save for one which mysteriously never arrived. I don't think I've worked on a project where all of the windows arrived on time or without error, consistency is good. The basement stairs are in, plumbing rough-in has begun, the radiant tubing installation is under way and our electrical rough-in continues. Metal roof??? "Next week" ....has a familiar ring doesn't it?

Insulation is being delivered on Friday, Laura & I have a serious two-day date with fiberglass this weekend. The line in the sand is September 24th when sheetrocking begins.

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