Thursday, December 6, 2007

A proper meal...

...deserves a proper table. The excuse-du-jour for purchasing new furniture? Hosting the family for Christmas, the old college furniture looks especially tired in our new environment, lights over our table are larger than the table itself...pick one. The overscaled pendant lights were a seed planted months ago...they're the right size for the space but the table that sits beneath is far too small. We chose Room & Board's Portica table in White oak, part of the Parson's typology but in brushed stainless, not black. Choosing chairs was perhaps the hardest part, what's durable enough for everyday kid (ab)use yet still fits with the look of the table and the materials of the house. At the risk of being too matchy-matchy we submitted to the oak ply chairs to match the table top. Problem is, at $89 each the order gets large quickly. What's more???? We get to assemble it, so Christmas arrives early. Throw it in with the Automoblox and LEGO sets I suppose and there will be some tired fingers come January.

Room & Board's Portica, Solid White Oak top; $1419.00

Room & Board's Boxy Chair, in Oak Veneer (cherry shown); $89.99

The other contenders:

Seven feet of table, Crate & Barrel's Big Sur in White Oak, $1699.00

I love the idea of benches but agreed that it's not practical for many guests.

Room & Board's Parson's table, $1299.00...

(we were afraid the black legs would disappear against the dark floor)

Jake by, $89.99

Sundance by, $123.75

Pony Chair, CB2 $119
Laura loved this one, I contended it looked like a laundromat chair


Patrick said...

Hey Eric , This is Jason's Dad.I have enjoyed reading the Blog . We are also in the process of putting a new house up....gotta "punch a lot of nickles" these days to build a house.

youngblood said...

Thanks Rick...J said you were following along. I agree, my arms are sore from all the nickel punching going on here to make this thing happen. Good luck with your project...stay well.

trent_gilliss said...

Man, this is a helpful blog as we begin construction on a contemporary home in Minneapolis. If you ever are in the area and in need of some furniture, check out the Room & Board outlet that's only open on the weekends.

I see the table you purchased (and oodles of other options) all the time for unbelievable deals -- sometimes b/c they've got minimal scratches or R&B's closing out a line or picking up trial lines that don't go to market.