Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sure footing...

Joel at work

Looking west

Light areas are exposed ledge

75% done by 10am

Resuming work on the longhouse after a week's hiatus, the foundation crew of two quickly formed the footings for our house. We coordinated the final top of foundation height on site to ensure the house wouldn't rise too far above the surrounding grade, we'll know soon enough if our calculations yielded the intended result.

We're told that the footings will be stripped tomorrow and they'll being forming the walls on Monday (July 16th) for a pour sometime next week.

Another unexpected issue arose while on site regarding the power drop from Bangor Hydro. The nearest utility pole sits about 10' beyond our property line. We're obviously not able to run buried service from that pole to our house as we don't own the property. All of this means we need to contact a line company, set a new utility pole on our property which we'll run primary power to, set the meter and continue on to the house with our buried service. Amazing what a straight creosote impregnated limbless tree goes for these days...$1000. It doesn't stop there, if they hit ledge you pay an additional anchorage fee plus guy wires for anchorage. Then the power company adds their $250 fee to 'drop' service to you on the pole that you provide. This will draw down the contingency fund but it's a great case for having one in the first place.

We're quite pleased that the groundwork is progressing and eagerly anticipate the wall pour this week.

Sig, 'throwing metal'

If only they left the keys...

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Chris said...

I have almost the same picture of my boys - though they preferred underneath the excavator. Good luck and enjoy...