Friday, June 22, 2007 the void

Driveway Entrance
Approaching the house site

Septic field ahead, Sig to left

Laying out the septic field

After signing our contract last Saturday morning, June 16th, I arrived on Tuesday evening to stack some logs to find the silt fence placed at the perimter of the building site. A phone call from our builder Wednesday morning asking for the building permit assured us they were ready to begin work.

Thursday they roughed in the driveway, grubbed out (removed the stumps) the foundation site and began prepping the septic field. The boys and I made a trip over Friday morning to watch the excavator and met Bruce and 'Duke'. I was politely told that my rather large brush piles would be in the way when they started excavating for the foundation. Coincidentally (wink-wink), Duke owns a chipper and has just enough time in his schedule on Sunday to chip up the piles. After researching how much a chipper rental would cost ($250 + fuel + my time), I decided a not-to-exceed price of $500 to chip everything was a worthy investment. His offer to trade for firewood was less than generous so I decided to keep it for our own use.

Fun with dirt

Henning ran into the forest saying, "He's coming up here, he's coming up here!" when the excavator started up, Sig just kept eating gravel.

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